Jean-Michel HUET:

 Psychologist - Psychoanalyst - Psychotherapist

 Certified  Sex  Therapist

Jean-Michel HUET Psychanalyste Sexologue Paris

N° ADELI 75931615 1          

For a therapeutic approach :

Since  I received my diplomas in 1983, I've been practicing as Psychologist and Psychotherapist, initially in mental health institutions from 1983 to 2008. 

Since 2008, I have been working only in private practice, with occasional consulting for institutions and companies about eating disorders or sexual problems.

I offer classical psychoanalysis, and more symptom-focused therapies, specializing in eating disorders, sexual disorders and other issues.

I have a recognized skill and extensive experience  treating eating disorders and psychological issues specific to teen-agers and young adults in  coordination with other specialists (nutritionnists, psychiatrists and hospital departments)

In the field of sexology, I treat the most common disorders: male erectile dysfunction (impotency), vaginismus, loss or decline in sexual desire,and sexual addiction. I am specially skilled in the treatment of sexual issues of patients with eating disorders.

Sexuality of people suffering from eating disorders has been particularly unexplored,  even neglected,  in the research of psychoanalysis, psychiatry, medicine and sexology despite the fact that when most people with eating disorders are also suffering from major sexual disorders, deeply maiming their personal life. Most of them never dare to speak about it with their therapist or their family doctor.

For patients living abroad i do ffer remote sessions using

I have also made numerous appearances in the media, specialized or general, in my fields of expertise (see further or in the "Interventions medias" tab)

You can phone me directly at:
From Monday to Friday 9am to 8:30 pm
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Interviews, Quotes and Publications:

"Ils ont mangé, ils sont faibles, je n'ai pas mangé, je suis fort: Zoom sur l'anorexie"
Emission de télévision Sputnik France, 04 Avril ,2019

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Top Santé, Février 2019

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Le Figaro Santé, 15 Janvier 2019
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Conférence dans le cadre du Symposium de l'association Autrement, 11h15, Jeudi 11 Octobre 2018, Dijon

"Sexe et nourriture: l'appétit vient en mangeant"

Cheek magazine, Le podcast du jour, commentaire et reprise de l'émission de France Inter, 21 Juin 2018

"Sexe et nourriture" 

Participation à l'émission d' Ali Rebelhi "Grand bien vous fasse", France Inter 19 juin 2018

"Les leçons d'un ancien président"
Reprise de l'article de l'Opinion dans la revue de presse d'Europe 1, 11 Avril 2018
"Jean-Michel HUET, Psychanalyste: Une incompréhension majeure entre Macron et Hollande"
Interview pour l'Opinion, 11 Avril 2018
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Participation à l'émission de Stéphane Bern et Guillaume de Lestrange sur France 2, le 27 Août  2017
Pourquoi l'orgasme est-il plus facile à atteindre seul(e) ?
Participation à l'émission de Flavie Flament sur RTL, le 30 Juin 2017
36 ans, l'âge de l'épanouissement sexuel ?
Interview pour Le Figaro Madame, 01 Juin 2017

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